Sabato Visconti is an award-winning new media artist and photographer based n Western Massachusetts. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, and raised in Miami, Sabato went on to earn a B.A. in Political Science from Amherst College. Sabato’s work seeks to reconfigure traditional understanding of photography and digital media, by interrogating how hegemonic structures distort and influence individual subjects.

Sabato began experimenting with glitch processes in 2011. Since then, his work with glitch and digital media has been exhibited throughout the world, including spaces like Tate Britain, ICA Boston, The SPRING/BREAK Art Show, LACDA, and the FILE Festival. His work has also appeared in TIME, Vogue,WIRED, The New York Times, AI-AP’s “Latin American Fotografia 4” Anthology, and in Photographer’s Forum annual “Best of Photography” books for eight straight years.


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