"Your Experiences Aren't Real"


We like to use the phrase "capturing moments" because deep down, we understand the elusive nature of moments. For like criminals or fleeing solders, they must be captured and contained. They must face measures in proportion to their crime. The crime of desertion. Moments disintegrate into time the way unspoken dreams do. So we prosecute them and punish them in public squares for everyone to witness. They will never be allowed to disappear. The low-poly textures illustrate the reach of our gaze. It is a celebration of our digital altars.


Philosophers have long lamented the death of experience. Experience, the means of mediating the traumas of the real, has long been commodified, simulated, structured and predetermined. And so what? Authenticity is a feverish cult where you play all the parts, it is a relic of the last century, and as the prophet once said, let relics bury their own relics.

We love our prefabricated experiences. I know I do. And when we find ourselves cozy in these moments, we're compelled to reconstitute them, posit them as real and visible. That perfect smile. The innocent gesture. An angle of sunlight. This series celebrates our personal digital utopias.

*** Source photographs taken in Miami, San Francisco, and Western Massachusetts. Delaunay Triangulation done with DMesh.

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