[My ] Synthetic Autumn

<< 2015, 2018-2019

[My ] Synthetic Autumn began as an interrogation of Transhumanism and its aesthetics. Over the years, the series has evolved into a critique of the individualist and anthropocentric discourse surrounding Transhumanism. As the impact of climate change magnifies, technological interventions will be increasingly required to keep natural and ecological processes from collapsing. The result is a work of speculative photography that looks beyond transhumanism and envisions the future transecologies of Western Massachusetts. [My ] Synthetic Autumn converts a typical autumn photograph into multiple glitched 3D planes that are stacked on each other and rendered to produce intricate z-fighting textures. This juxtaposition of traditional with virtual photography questions the convergence of biology withs technology: How will transhuman beings see and experience autumn? Can senescence be programmed the way obsolescence is? Who will surveil the forests? Will digital pollinators operate year-round? Can nature-sustaining technologies proliferate beyond the channels of power? And will the benefits of these technologies be accessible to everyone?

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